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History: Positano and Montepertuso

What to do: sea, trekking, mountain

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What to do: sea, trekking, mountain

The Fashion and the Quarters of Positano

The colors cloth and the woven ones constitute the "Positano Fashion", than by now is a brand, a phenomenon that explodes in the years fifty like symbol of freedom, trasgression and madness against the rigid outlines of the apparel of that period. Beyond that for the apparel, Positano is distinguished for the accessories: the Positano sandals, infrafinger, hooves of wood or cork, and the “ciabatte” ones in burlap, with rope sole, realize you from the famous shoemakers, able to realize them by hand, also at the moment, while it attends in front of the “bottega”. The visit to the various quarters of Positano, allows to know close gives to the particular structure urban planning of the country of which they detach verticality due to the orographic conditions and the grips roads fruit, in historical age, of an attempt of defense from external attacks. The visit, comes enriched from the presence of the churches, present in every quarter, from the stores of local handicraft.



PositanoYou can enjoy the suggestion of Positano not only during the day. It’s possibile to relax and to get a drink accompanies to you from music from alive of flat bar with musics and dances of the Neapolitan tradition.

For those who they love dance music Positano it offers a discotheque between the original one to the world, the Music on The Rocks, rises inner of a natural cove, situated on the large beach of Positano, proposes evenings to topic with international hosts. Moreover during all the year cultural and musical events are followed that make of Positano the heart push-button of the Amalfi Coast.


Positano offers, beyond to days of sea and sun, many goals for excursions in the vicinities. Connections and excursions guided towards the zones of greater tourist and cultural interest are previewed. Also without to go away a lot, you can enjoy the night sky full of stars in order to listen to an exclusive concert on the panoramic lookout of Ravello, to explore the rich sea floor making oneself them to guide from the expert guides of the place, to explore mounts to the shoulders of the Amalfi Coast, that they guard little famous natural scenes, like cascades and rare plants.


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