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History: Positano and Montepertuso

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Surroundings of Positano

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Surroundings of Positano

Pompei and Vesuvio

The excursion to Pompei and the National Park of the Vesuvio are in coach and with the attendance of professional guides who illustrate all the way. Pompei it’s a city unic in the world, destroyed in the 79 d.C., as a result of the eruption of the Vesuvio, was submergeeed from one rain of “lapilli” and ash. Brought back to the light from long diggings extension all the structure of the ancient roman city with the ways, the houses, the temples, the shops.

The excursion continue with the visit to the Vesuvio, today national Park. The visit includes a pause in a factory where they are works corals and cameos, an ancient art in the zone.


A place of large historical and archaeological importance is Paestum, center of the Magna Greece. Here the temples can be admired with doric columns dedicate to Cerere and to Neptune, the rests of the Basilica and in some drawn are still recognizable the structures that formed the ancient Town-Walls Building. Moreover is possible the visit to the museum that it guards rarest archaeological find.

Trekking on the Lattari Mounts

This mounts offers various distances through the many paths, along all the cliff complex. Organized visits accompanied from expert guides come and concur to enjoy, along all the distance, of the wonderful landscapes and the nature of the places.

Between the most interesting paths we can mention the "Path of Of Gods", “Valle delle Ferriere”, “Punta Campanella”.

Capri and Ischia

Every day, in high season, from the wharf of Positano, directed boats to Capri and Ischia leave. It is gotten dizzy to edge of to modern and comfortable boat, with the advanced part discovered, that it concurs to observe from the sea in all the their splendor the wonderful scenes proposals from the coast. During the way you can look the small villages, allowing to admire the beauties of the natures and the characteristic architecture of the houses. In order to arrive to Capri, “Li Galli', the Sorrento Coast, the strait of “Punta Campanella” are crossed. After that you can observe on the right all the gulf of Naples.

Ischia is the largest islands of the gulf of Naples, call "Isola Verde" for the driven in vegetation that characterizes it. Many famous for the presence of water-bearing stratums and very many thermal sources that of it characterize the tourism, in fact to every Ischia bathing establishment or hotel possesses thermal swimming pools, and offers treatments aesthetic and cured to you made up of mineral mud, waters and alghe.

Grotta dello Smeraldo

Every day, in the summer period, boats for the visit to the Grotta dello Smeraldo leave from Positano.

The Grotta dello Smeraldo was discovered in 1932 in the bay of Conca dei Marini, and gives its name to the color that assumes the water to its inside. The hard inner excursion approximately 30 minutes and can be noticed unusual stalagmiti that comes from the water, sign that a time the cove was higher regarding the sea level, and an underwater Crib in ceramics.


The visit to Naples is organised in coach, comfortable in order to move the coast and to return even because a time to you arrives in the city, the road is a pedestrian circuit. Naples is an art and culture city, with or without the aid of a guide it will be a only experience to dip itself in its historical center, with the labyrinth of alleys that characterizes it. Many churches and the museums to visit, the the underground city and the shops of the craftsmen, than, in all the periods of the year, expose the works of Neapolitan Crib Art. Obligatory the gastronomic experience: in Naples you can get good Pizza wherever, the cakies, typical of the Neapolitan pastry shop, you will be able to find them in every bar, where you shall have the coffee even at Nocciola taste.


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