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History: Positano and Montepertuso

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The origin of Positano is surrounded by different legends, one tells that the town was founded by Poseidon, Neptun, the god of the sea, for a nymph he loved, Pasitea. Other legends tells that was founded by Phoenixes.

PositanoAlso Roman conquerors arrived here, they built a rich villa near Spiaggia Grande, on that place there are now gardens and Santa Maria Assunta Church. Tiberio emperor moved to Capri why to Rome he was hated and he did not trust himself nobody, he had fear that all wanted to poison it, did not want bread made with the flour of the place, but he took it from a flour mill to Positano, flour mill that still exists.

With the fall of Roman empire, Positano entered the Repubblica Marinara of Amalfi and lived a very prosperous period thanks to commerce with other Mediterranean towns.

Towards the 1700 Positano knew a very healthy period testified from the presence of many baroque villas built up along the hill, still today they are looked at defended on the mount, with theirs terraces looking the sea.

During the First World War, many citizens died. Many International artists and writers went to live to Positano to enjoy quiet and wellness and thanks to their works of art, made Positano famous all over the world. We remind Seminov, Zagarouiko, Essad Bey, Clavel, Escher, Massine, Kovaliska, Ghillausen, Nureyev and others.

On the sea to three miles of distance from the coast there are "Li Galli" or "Sirenuse" small archipelago, composed from three small islands; the “Gallo Lungo”, “La Rotonda” and the “ Il Castelluccio”, thought, from always, mythical dwelling of charming Sirene and become in these last times shelter of the artists Massine and Nurejev.


Its origins forgiveness in the night of the times, historical traces of its existence find again in the V. century d.C. which shelter of the Goti veterans defeats from Narsete.

An ancient tradition wants that in VI century d.C. in the fraction Montepertuso of Positano lived little inhabitants joints from the East. They lived in the coves of surrounding mounts and dressed of the skin the animals that they captured in the forests.

MontepertusoA night they were waked up from strong thunders. Escapes from their shelters, they remained without word in front of a spectacular show: on the “Gambera Mount” (photo) a Light White Woman with to the center a figure appeared in the mount. A girl in order was before wrapped from that light and heared a voice that with maternal tone said to them: “Don’t get fear anymore, the demon cursed and its efforts against this mount are ended, because destroyed is its malignant spirit. Rests of its body to snake shape find to the other alive depositor of the cliff. You come therefore with me and accompanies to me on the hill of the Saint forest, where we will stop ourselves in order always”

The traces of this legend are visible in the cliff, with the imprint in it from the tail of Lucifer, the tracks of the feet of the Madonna and the child from illuminated She and the most visible Hole in the mount made by the finger index of the Madonna.

On the cited hill rises today the temple dedicated to the Virgin of Thanks; of forehead the mount pierced from the finger of the Madonna, than gives the name to the fraction.


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